Classe Sigma MONO

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The Sigma MONO is the reference design for the proprietary Classé amplifier platform introduced in the Delta series CA-D200 and Sigma AMP2 and AMP5 models. With completely separate chassis for each channel, the monaural amplifier architecture eliminates the possibility of crosstalk between channels and allows speaker cable lengths to be held to a minimum to minimize losses. It efficiently delivers a prodigious 350W into 8Ω and 700W into 4Ω, suitable for the most difficult speaker loads and critical listening applications.

Технические характеристики Classe Sigma MONO MONAURAL AMPLIFIER

All tests un-weighted and 20Hz – 20kHz measurement bandwidth used.

Frequency response

10Hz – 20kHz, -1dB into 4Ω

Output power

350W rms into 8Ω 700W rms into 4Ω

Harmonic Distortion

<0.012% @ 1kHz driven to 1/8th power into 8Ω

Peak Output Voltage

151V peak to peak, 53.4V rms no load
151V peak to peak, 53.4V rms into 8Ω

Input Impedance

100kΩ Balanced / 50kΩ SE

Voltage gain

29 dB

Input level at clipping

1.8Vrms Balanced/SE


>80 dB below fundamental into 8Ω Balanced

Signal to Noise Ratio

-109 dB at peak output into 8Ω (AES17)

Standby power consumption

.5W @ 230 V

Rated power

130W @ 1/8th power into 4Ω

Mains voltage

90V - 264V, 50/60Hz

Overall Dimensions

Width: 17.00" (433mm)
Depth (excluding connectors): 14.57" (370mm)
Height: 3.75" (95mm)

Net weight

22.0 lb (10.00 kg)

Shipping weight

29.0 lb (13.18 kg)

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